Video: Feeding India with Finite Resources

“You can’t cook a cuisine with just one ingredient,” Indian farmer Balwinder Singh Kang tells Farming First TV. Farming, he explains is the same. “I don’t say you can only use one technology, I say use the best of everything.”

Mr. Kang has been farming for the past 30 years on a small farm at Hanumangarh in the state of Rajasthan. He grows GM cotton as well as conventional varieties of wheat, mustard, beans, and some vegetables. Not all technologies, however, are reaching him and his fellow farmers.

As India’s population has already reached over one billion people, Mr. Kang explains that the only way to feed so many people, with dwindling natural resources, is by embracing technology. “Like Norman Borlaug said, we have a very small window”, he comments. “By 2050 the (global) population will be 9 billion. New technologies will come up, and we will have to adopt those also… otherwise I don’t think we will be able to survive.”

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