Video: Kickstarting the Next Green Revolution


Ambassador Kenneth Quinn, President of the World Food Prize Foundation describes the Green Revolution of the 1960s as “the single greatest period of hunger reduction and food production in human history” But as Dr. Norman Borlaug, the father of the Green Revolution himself said, we have to do it again, faced with a new set of challenges.

The World Food Prize of $250,000 awarded to an outstanding actor in food security each year, and the annual Borlaug Dialogue conference, that brings together business leaders, government ministers and scientists, are both steps that the Foundation is taking to kickstart the next Green Revolution.

We asked Ambassador what Dr. Borlaug would say of he were here to witness the new food security challenges we are facing today. “He was a no nonsense guy,” Ambassador Quinn commented. “He’d say we have to put money into research, because science is the multiplier of the harvest.” He would also advocate for roads to be built, calling them “the key to delivering the science and uplifting people out of poverty.”

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