Agriculture Well Represented in Post-2015 Negotiations Final Text

The negotiations for post-2015 development agenda and the creation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is coming to a close. Two key documents are almost finalised, the Post 2015 Development Agenda outcome document, now entitled “Transforming Our World”, complemented by the Addis Ababa Agenda, that was adopted earlier in July 2015.

Farming First is delighted to see many of the key issues it has been advocating for during this process, such as food security, rural development, and innovation well represented in the “Transforming Our World” text. These topics now feature six, two and 13 times respectively throughout the document. The Farming First supporter delegation also encouraged inclusion of improved access for farmers to extension services and training, access to inputs and investment in research and in infrastructure which are now specifically mentioned under Goal 2.

Farming First’s call to recognise agriculture as a common thread thought the SDGs has been well heeded. Equal access to resources for women farmers is mentioned in goal five on gender equality, and post-harvest losses are mentioned as target 12.3 in the goal relating to sustainable consumption and production.

Despite strong competition from other topics, Goal 2 on food security has remained the same throughout the negotiation – a significant win for the sector. The explicit link made between agriculture and food and nutrition security is also very important and a meaningful progress from the Millennium Development Goals.

The themes and issues highlighted in the “Transforming Our World’ text are echoed in the Addis Ababa agenda, which focuses on financing for development. This text mentions agriculture and food security several times, as well as rural development and extension services.

Going forward, finalising the indicators for the SDGs will become the focus of the negotiations. The UN statistics office issued a preliminary list of indicators in March 2015, and then a revised list of priority indicators in May 2015. In June, member states, UN agencies and observers submitted input on the list. The Inter-Agency and Expert Group on the Sustainable Development Goals has now published a tentative schedule of work (available here) for consultations and completion of its work.

Thank you to all the Farming First supporters involved in the advocacy tours both in person and remotely, for contributing to this successful inclusion of so many key themes for sustainable agriculture.