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Opinion: Environment

Video: Putting Soil Health Back on the Global Agenda

Charlotte Hebebrand Charlotte Hebebrand

Farming First TV interviewed Charlotte Hebebrand, the Director General of the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA), on why it is so important to shine a spotlight on the importance of soil health.

Ms. Hebebrand observed that although soils are crucial for agriculture, they are often taken for granted and have historically suffered from overuse. To replace the nutrients used up by crop growth farmers need training in right type, timing, placement and rate of fertilizer application, known as the 4Rs of nutrient stewardship

At a time when the United Nations is forming Sustainable Development Goals, Ms. Hebebrand believes it is right to “put more emphasis on the judicious use of fertilisers.” She calls for greater outreach to farmers to educate them on fertilizer use, and better monitoring of their progress in order to address poverty and hunger in an environmentally sustainable way.

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