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Case Study: Food Security & Nutrition, Market Access

Input Supply & Farm Service Centers in Ethiopia

Farming First Farming First

30, 000 Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia have increased access to the inputs they need.

Minda Ayalew, a farmer and customer of the new Bishoftu Farm Service Center became a farmer 5 years ago. He soon realized he needed different types of high quality seeds, fertilizers and other inputs to be a successful vegetable farmer but was confronted with a shortage of these products.

To bring solution to the many constraints faced by farmers such as Minda, USAID adapted CNFA’s model for enterprise-based delivery of farm supplies and services through a network of private Farm Service Centers (FSCs) in the Oromia region.

Photo by CNFA Ethiopia CFSP

Photo by CNFA Ethiopia CFSP

The FSCs are a one-stop shop providing farmers with agricultural inputs, services and technologies to help them produce surpluses and link them to markets. Currently six FSCs exist throughout Oromia serving farmers by providing them the inputs they need to be successful commercial farmers. Read more >>

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