iDE – Delivering the Latest Irrigation Technology Straight to the Farm

Background: Approximately 1.1 billion people in the world live on less than US$ 1 per day, 800 million of whom are small-holder farmers relying on subsistence agriculture for their livelihood.

Moving from reliance on rainfed and bucket irrigation to the use of simple water lifting, application, and storage technologies has a  very positive impact on farmers’ lives and contributes to a more efficient use of scarce water resources.

Building a Global Supply Chain

iDEal’s Global Supply serves as the distribution enterprise for micro-irrigation technologies, providing sample products, bulk shipments, and technical support worldwide.

To provide widespread access to a variety of affordable, simple, and appropriate micro-irrigation products, iDEal has established a reliable network of international and local supply chain sources.

Identifying and Developing the Right Irrigation Technology for Farmers

iDE’s in-house Innovations Team along with in-country field staff have built the expertise to identify the most appropriate low pressure micro irrigation products to support farmers working under some of the most challenging conditions to grow crops.

The current product line includes:

  • Micro-Tube Drip Kits
  • Mini Sprinklers
  • Pumps
  • Water Storage

To accompany these products, iDEal has developed an extensive collection of technical design sheets, user’s manuals and marketing collateral to support the product line. These tools give users the training and installation knowledge to properly utilize iDE’s technologies.

Find out more about the products available here

Ensuring Sustainable Solutions reach Smallholder Farmers


Diagram: Example of iDE Country Program Distribution Network

In order to build financial sustainability for farmers, iDEal follows a market based approach and integrates a business model into its distribution, product development and support through to the end user. By focusing on people as consumers and producers and on solutions that can make markets more efficient, competitive, and inclusive – the initiative sets out to supply the expertise, which will build financial sustainability for clients and their communities.

Once product supply lines are established, iDEal looks at specific market conditions to identify the most efficient distribution path to get technologies into the hands of the famers, catering the supply method to every customer’s needs.

iDE has established programs in 11 countries throughout Asia, Africa and Central America. These programs are fully staffed with business professionals, irrigation engineers and field staff. By collaborating with various retailers and local agents country programs are able to establish extensive networks to distribute products to farmers throughout the agricultural regions of a country.

iDE also works with partners such as USAID, Winrock, Swiss Development Cooperation and private corporations and donors to ensure irrigation technologies can be distributes as far and wide as possible.


  • IDEal’s Global Supply Initiative is now working in over 20 developing countries
  • Farmers utilizing the irrigation technologies are able to grow more, higher-quality crops year-round whilst reducing water, labour and energy inputs
  • iDE have provided farmers in developing countries with access to the most appropriate technologies for sustainable development