Farming First wins 2011 Digital Communication Award for Infographic on Agriculture and the Green Economy

We have won a Digital Communication Award for our interactive infographic “The Story of Agriculture and the Green Economy”.

We wanted to take some of the existing data on agriculture and food security and create a beautiful and engaging infographic.


The infographic is built up of 17 different graphics, all of which have been designed so they can be tweeted individually, ensuring integration with social media.

We believe that as a sector, agriculture is essential to a green economy. With a predicted 9 billion people by 2050, agricultural production will have to increase to meet new demands, for food, feed, fuel and fibre. Agriculture must not only meet demand – it must also do so while minimising its environmental footprint and creating sustainable livelihoods for farmers and others along the supply chain.

The infographic has already been internationally recognised, winning “Best Infographic” in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s “Small Farmers are the Answer” global challenge competition.

You can view the infographic and download our policy paper on the Green Economy if you want to learn more.

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