Farming First partners with Chatham House

For the second year running, Farming First is delighted to announce that the coalition is partnering with Chatham House to promote their food security debate later this year.

This prestigious event, titled “Food Security 2011: Transforming the Production System” will be held at Chatham House on December 14-15 2011, and includes renowned speakers such as:

–       Sir Professor Gordon Conway, Chair in International Development, Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London

–       Dr David Nabarro, UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Food Security and Nutrition

–       Dr Shenggen Fan, Director General, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

This event will examine how to transform the agricultural system towards one that is more productive, efficient, resilient, and environmentally sustainable.

Questions to be discussed include “How do agricultural practices, value chains and trade need to be transformed?”, “What transformative business models and partnerships between the public and private sectors work?” and “How can political and economic barriers to much needed changes be overcome?”.

Find out more information or register your place for the event here.

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