Launch of New Global Agricultural Emissions Research Alliance

Global-Research-Alliance-on-Agricultural-Greenhouse-Gases_inra_partenaire_fullThis Friday (24 June), a new global research alliance of 36 national governments will officially be launched at a signing ceremony in Rome.

The Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases will look to find ways of increasing food production without increasing greenhouse gas emissions by coordinating the world’s top scientists in agricultural emissions research and technology.

Currently there is little research focused on reducing agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, in comparison to other sectors such as energy and transport. Through increased international cooperation, collaboration and investment in research activities, the Alliance looks set to change this.

Current member countries include Argentina, China, Pakistan, the United States and the United Kingdom – many of whom will announce new funding commitments on Friday to be allocated to the Alliance’s joint research efforts.

The Alliance, which is spearheaded by the New Zealand government, is increasingly gaining international recognition and commitment, with China among the latest countries to join, and President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron recently announcing their countries’ commitment to working together through the Alliance.

Earlier this month, a research partnership in Latin America and the Caribbean was launched as part of the Alliance.

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