36 countries officially sign up to Global Research Alliance

The Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases was successfully launched last friday in Rome as 36 countries met to officially sign up to the Alliance.

The main message that came out of the launch was simple: boosting agriculture, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In an article by Voice of America, Tim Groser, New Zealand’s Minister of Trade said:

We’re bringing together two big ideas here. The world’s got to produce a whole truckload of more food in the next 30 years to feed three billion more people that are going to be on the planet…. And we’ve got to try and reduce the emissions intensity of that.

Food security is an immediate and future priority for all countries worldwide.  With a predicted world population of 9 billion people by 2050 and decreasing yields, agricultural productivity will have to increase to meet new demands for food.  Agriculture however contributes 17% to the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and growing more food while addressing climate change is a challenge.

By investing in science, the Alliance aims to expand current know-how, while developing new methods and technologies to reduce the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. On Friday, countries announced new funding commitments. The U.S gave $90 million dollars to the Alliance with New Zealand and Canada about $40 million.

New Zealand Minister for Agriculture David Carter argues that science will be able to deliver where politics has failed as the Alliance devises a global approach to tackling food security and climate change, which he claimed are two of the world’s most pressing issues.

The Alliance was launched a day after the G20 Agriculture Ministers meeting ended in Paris. Here Ministers agreed an action plan to deal with food price volatility, to be presented to G20 leaders at the main summit in November.

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