Montpellier Panel Briefing Launch – Scaling-Up Nutrition

Today, the Montpellier Panel will be launching a new briefing on malnutrition at the UK Houses of Parliament. The report is on Scaling Up Nutrition, a framework that was launched in April last year to advocate a better focus on child undernutrition.

Tom Arnold, the CEO at Concern Worldwide, and Katy Wilson, from Agriculture for Impact at Imperial College wrote the report, which is endorsed by the Montpellier Panel, a member of which is Farming First spokesperon Lindiwe Majele Sibanda from FANRPAN.

The briefing points to the necessary collaboration between the agriculture, nutrition and health sectors in dealing with undernutrition, and summarises the progress achieved so far. As well as the Scaling Up Nutrition Framework, the “1,000 days initiative” was launched at the UN General Assembly Summit for the MDGs last September, which gave extra support to the SUN Framework from national governments. 1,000 days refers to the period between pregnancy and two years old when adequate nutrition is critically important.  So far, several international donors including Canada, France, Ireland, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UK, US, and the World Bank have committed to support SUN.

In the video below, Anna Taylor, the Senior Nutrition Adviser at the UK Department for International Development, discusses the Montpellier Panel Briefing on Scaling-Up Nutrition.

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