Economist Debate on Biotechnology and Sustainable Agriculture

All of this week and next, The Economist is running an online debate under the theme ‘Biotechnology and sustainable agriculture are complementary, not contradictory.’

During the live debate, readers will hear from both sides of the motion, with Pamela Ronald, Professor of Plant Pathology at the University of California, defending it, whilst Charles Benbrook, Chief Scientist at the Organic Center, is against.

Today, Howard Minigh, CropLife International CEO, is featured as a guest blog in the debate.

Today, more than ever, farmers are burdened with many challenges: feeding an increasing world population; producing crops despite extreme growing conditions brought on by climate change; preserving and improving scarce natural resources such as water, soil, energy, forests and air—while also stewarding the land for future generations.

To meet all these challenges, farmers must adopt sustainable agricultural practices. It is critical that farmers have access to a full range of farming tools, including everything from training in farming techniques, to machinery and equipment, to choice in inputs and seeds.

For the full article click here.

The public can go to the Economist Debates site and add their own comments and cast their vote on the discussion.

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