Transboundary Water Management

The management of water resources across boundaries, whether sub-national or international, is one of the most difficult challenges facing water managers today.

Picture 2A new book, published by Earthscan, addresses the challenges of managing transboundary waters around the world, providing a fully comprehensive review of the various issues involved with the aim to help policy makers in their decisions.

Whilst water is bound by no political, economic or social margins, it is a political, economic and social issue, and an inequitable distribution of water resources around the world is a major cause of competition and conflict between countries.

Whilst the argument of ‘water wars’ has been gaining traction recently, rather the authors of ‘Transboundary Water Management’ advocate for a cooperative environment in managing water resources, to unlock their contribution to regional sustainable development.

The book examines the current challenges faced by governments and organisations involved in water management initiatives in international river basins. These include international laws, governance issues and existing conflicts. The essays also consider the future situation in light of socioeconomic and environmental change. Offering valuable insight to politicians and government negotiators concerned with issues of water security, the book identifies business models for transboundary river basin institutions and offers recommendations towards effectuating a framework for peaceful and sustainable transboundary water management.

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