China, Taiwan Partner for Agriculture Initiative

TAIW0001Over the weekend mainland China and Taiwan produced a common initiative on cooperation in the agriculture sector.  More than 220 officials, experts and representatives from agriculture, fishery and water resources joined the meeting. Chinese state media Xinhua has more:

The two sides will promote the development of new-type agriculture, encourage cooperation in agricultural biotechnology industry, and work to set up a long-standing consultative mechanism on agricultural cooperation, said the common initiative produced by the symposium, held first in Shanghai and then Zhejiang.

Both sides are pushing for this to be a shared venture, where information on agriculture passes freely between the mainland and Taiwan. Sharing knowledge is one of the key principles which Farming First supports and this initiative exemplifies how this can be done on a grand scale:

The two sides will also establish a reporting mechanism to share information on the quality and safety of agricultural products, said the initiative.

According to Xinhua, the symposium was co-sponsored by 10 NGOs from both the mainland and Taiwan.

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