New £75m UK Food Production Research Project Announced

Picture 8Over the next five years up to £75m will be invested in the UK to support development and adoption of new technologies to increase sustainable food productivity, while decreasing environmental impact.

The project is a joint initiative by the Technology Strategy Board, Defra and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), according to Farmer’s Guardian.  The aim is to “bring Government, business and researchers together in a major initiative” addressing a reliable food supply in the future.

A key element of the initiative is to prioritise research initiatives by focusing on the newest technological advances and learning how to make them work to better farming:

The first project will see up to £13m invested in new research and development to help crop growers to respond to the challenges of increasing productivity while reducing the environmental impact of crop production.

National Farmers Union president Peter Kendall echoed the call for research and understanding of how farmers can use technology to their advantage:

We need science and technology to deliver solutions and I am sure that forward-looking, innovative farm businesses across the UK will be fully supportive of this important new programme.

The subjects that the fund will address are crop productivity, sustainable livestock production, waste reduction and management and greenhouse gas reduction.

One response to “New £75m UK Food Production Research Project Announced

  1. AvatarRaja kumari

    Very happy to hear. Exactly I plan for this….1)crop productivity, 2)sustainable livestock production, 2)waste reduction and management 4)greenhouse gas reduction 5)employment generation 6)bio liquids and bio fertilizers with cow uring and dung 7) bio gas plant instalations in the village 8) and vermi compost by slurry. Now I prepared the project for this. From two years onwards I am doing the service in other way. But now I want to start in the above way.I am raja kumari (INDIA-AP state). Founder of ngo-sree seva foundation.

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