Chinese Vice Premier Calls for International Cooperation to Promote Sustainable Agricultural Development

1205801580794_1205801580794_rIn a speech at a recent conference of the International Association of Agricultural Economists, Chinese Vice premier Hui Liangyu called for a continued global focus on agricultural production, according to a Xinhua article, especially in light of the fact that increased demand and resource constraints put pressure on global supplies:

Pressure is mounting to ensure food safety worldwide, especially effective food supply for developing countries, as global population has been snowballing and more agricultural products are being turned into energy.

Calling this effort “the world’s common task”, Hui discussed how China’s agricultural production has evolved since Deng Xiaoping opened up China’s economy to market forces in 1978.  He also outlined some of the next steps that China intends to take to further promote its farmers:

In the new situation [sic], China will further strengthen rural system construction, develop modern agriculture, promote rural public causes ad push forward new countryside construction.

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