Public-Private Partnership Creates Model Farm and Agricultural Resource Centre for Trinidadian Farmers

The fertilizer company, PotashCorp (PCS) teamed up with the government of Trinidad and Tobago, where their largest ammonia-based fertilizer production facility is located, to build a demonstration farm and research centre. The PCS Model Farm and Agricultural Resource Centre is a 75-acre educational and demonstration farm designed to help teach Trinidadian farmers, extension workers, and students about the latest agricultural techniques.

Created with funding from PotashCorp, and run on land leased from the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, the farm will include:
– six greenhouses for cultivation of various crops;
– demonstration plots for introducing new technologies and management techniques to farmers;
– an Agricultural Resource Centre for training small farmers; and
– cultivated land for growing a broad range of agricultural products.

The farm is helping Trinidad bridge the gap between understanding how the fertilizer company uses the country’s vast natural gas resources to produce nitrogen and how the end-product, ammonia, contributes to food security by providing farmers with the plant nutrients they need to increase their yields sustainably.

Developing and sharing new agricultural technologies like this is one of the important contributions of the private sector in agriculture.

Watch the video here: