FAO Report: ‘Food Prices Remain High in Developing Countries’

Recent ffao_logo_imagelargeindings from a recent FAO report highlight the fact that prices for staple cereal crops still remain high in developing countries.  One of the main reasons for the persistence of this problem is that these populations are unable to successfully access the market for buying and selling at the appropriate time and that the delivery of aid is happening too slowly.

Global harvets of cereals, particularly wheat, are expected to decrease in 2009 by 3% of last year’s levels.  Much of this is the result of less planting in developed countries because of lower prices in these markets versus 2008.

47 of the 58 developing countries surveyed are actually facing higher prices than they did at the height of the global food crisis last July, and about 10 countries are facing the highest prices ever recorded for these staple crops.

Approximately 5 million Zimbabweans are currently facing serious food shortages.  In Somalia, this figure is estimated to be 3.2 million.

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