BBC World Today Programme Speaks with Farming First’s Dr. Lindiwe Sibanda

bbc_worldserviceThe BBC World Service’s flagship ‘World Today’ news programme interviewed Dr. Lindiwe Sibanda to hear her thoughts on global food security and the emerging outcomes of the G8 agriculture ministers’ meeting, which occurred in Italy from April 18-20.

Dr. Sibanda noted that food shortages in certain parts of the world were unavoidable. Noentheless, policy experts could still prevent these shortages from making affected regions more unstable politically and economically. She says:

Definitely, food insecurity is global in that it will unsettle the whole world’s peace agenda. The developed countries have to contribute to the plan but more importantly the African countries now have to make sure that the smallholder farmer is at the centre of the debate.

Dr. Sibanda is highlighting how interconnected the policies of the G8 countries are in shaping outcomes for smallholder farmers across the world.

Listen to an mp3 audio file of this BBC interview here:


One response to “BBC World Today Programme Speaks with Farming First’s Dr. Lindiwe Sibanda

  1. AvatarLuba Yombe

    Sounds realistic your evaluation. Nice that you take care about these interesting african questions. But sometimes I have the feeling that it is nonsense to think about it. The contientn of Africa is somehow dead from our mindes and from news stories. There seems to be only killing and frustrations in a large range of African areas. So why to look at it? … But you do the right thing: Better to look at it than to leave African questions alone. Go on please!.

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